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Brian is a passionate educator driven by the possibilities digital and physical technologies have for classroom practice. He is an advocate for students and teachers taking ownership in becoming lifelong learners that engage with their world as active citizens. Brian is a Google Certified Innovator, currently completing post-graduate studies in Educational Leadership focusing on the pedagogical impact of personalised learning, differentiation and technology integration on learner outcomes. With particularly interested to him is how schools are changing in order to accommodate the needs of today's learners, creating confident and discerning leaders prepared for a world beyond the school.

Brian is currently a Stage 3 classroom teacher, collaboratively co-teaching in an innovative open classroom space with 112 students and 5 teachers. He has served as an ICT Integrator and Learning Coach and regularly consults to schools and conferences on STEM/STEAM, technology integration, design thinking and the use of social media for professional development purposes. Brian is a change agent, recognised for his commitment to innovative development and delivery of content, examples include the use of mastery and flipped learning to increase student engagement with content; mystery locations in teaching Geography and promoting global citizenship; Minecraft, “Making” and design thinking to support Science and critical thinking; coding and computational thinking in Mathematics and STEAM to develop creativity and encourage resilient and responsible risk taking.

Brian is always looking for new and exciting ways to blend learning with technology to provide a rich learning environment for students to thrive. He is particularly focusing on pedagogy to support curriculum integration of technology.

This blog documents Brian's own personal journey of learning, pedagogy, reflection and discovery.

     ·      Included in The Educators Hot List 2017 of leading Australian educators November 2017 
     ·      Interview with Jon Burgmann @jonburgmann broadcasted on BAM Radio October 2017
     ·      Google Certified Innovators Academy August 2017
     ·      Unleashing Student Agency in Primary Maths using Google Tools and a Maths
             Matrix - EdtechTeam Summit Sydney featuring Google for Education July 2017

      ·      Tools for Learning in a One-to-One School, Blogs, Blendspace, Assessment Videos
            & Google - EdtechTeam Summit Sydney featuring Google for Education July 2017

      ·      Increasing Student Agency using AWE - EduTech June 2017
      ·      STEAM Innovation Challenge - Maker Camp Think, Create, Connect May 2017
      ·      STEAM Innovation Challenge - Wind Power Challange Think, Create, Connect April 
·      Presenter Design Thinking Workshop AISNSW Digital Technologies & STEM Symposium October 2016
·      STEAM Innovation Challenge - Environmentally Friendly House Challange Think, Create, Connect MAAS July 2016
·      Presenter Increasing Student Agency through AWE PubPD July 2016
·      Presenter Using Social Media as Gurilla Professional Development EdtechTEAM Summit Sydney April 2016
·      STEAM Innovation Challenge - Rube Goldberg Machine Think, Create, Connect April 2016
·      Presenter Using Social Media in a Global Connected Classroom Future Schools March 2016
·      MC and Presenter at TeachMeet Future Schools March 2016
·      Nominated for the E20 Best in Education Awards 2015 October 2015
·      Facilitator and Presenter of the AIS STEM Minecraft Experience Day AISNSW September 2015
·      Presenter Minecraft a Digital Makerspace ICTENSW Term 4 Workshop October 2015
·      Presenter Minecraft as a Digital Makerspace AISNSW STEM Symposium October 2015
·      Presenter The Droids are Invading the Classroom STEM-X MAAS October 2015
·      Interviewed with Vicki Davis @coolcatteacher broadcasted on BAM Radio October 2015 
·      Facilitator of Globally Connected Classrooms Edcamp Global 2015 Edcamp Global August 2015
·      Presenter Breaking Down the Walls of the Classroom Using Social Media to Engage your Community 2015 AISNSW AISITIC IT Will Blend Conference October 2015
·      Presenter Mystery Locations to address the new Geography Curriculum IPSHA ICT August 2015
·      Presenter at Teach Meet Learning Spaces - Virtual Learning Spaces MLC School September 2015
·      Presenter Breaking outside of the Classroom AussieED June 2015
·      Presenter Minecraft to enable Computational Thinking PEIC June 2015
·      MC and Presenter at Teach Meet Edutech June 2015
·      Presenter BYOT in the Classroom IPSHA ICT August 2014 

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